Welcome to Chelsea's Place - In Loving Memory of Chelsea Anne Carpenter
Chelsea's Sanctuary of Hope is now Chelsea's again, this is Chelsea's story in a nutshell.

Chelsea Anne was born in 1992. She was welcomed by her big sister Lindsey Sierra.

When Chelsea was 3-1/2 years old, we discovered she was very pale & very sickly. We were fearful of the worst & took her to the emergency room. where they diagnosed  her with acute lymphocytic leukemia, we were crushed!
From there, blood transfusions (she had no red blood cells), chemotherapy, vomiting, hair loss, weekly shots and blood draws with needles that seemed as big as her arms and legs, they implanted a buddy port and after two years of long drives back and forth and who knows how much money had been spent, they told us she was cured. 
It seemed too good to be true... because it was.
Six months later she resumed vomiting and severe headaches and we were then informed her condition had become "refractory central nervous system leukemia." 
As bad news goes, this was the worst.  They resumed her chemotherapy treatments and on the 2nd of January 1999,  she was given a near fatal dose of chemo that caused her to go into cardiac arrest.  She was brought back to life only to have the doctors discover they had damaged her little heart beyond repair.  She was given three months to live—maybe.
Along the way we discovered a friend/neighbor who had recently purchased a light and sound generator also known as the beam ray. He welcomed our limp, lifeless daughter into his home and within a few weeks our sweet Chelsea came alive and we were all dancing circles with her in the living room. And a
fter a month, our little Chelsea was able to state resolutely, "I don't have leukemia anymore." And she was right.  We went back to the hospital and had her blood drawn and found she was making perfectly normal blood cells.  

The doctors thought... this is crazy! We thought.... we could see the light & within a month we had enough money to get our own frequency generator. However, because of the heart damage she sustained from the chemo overdose… her heart was now failing, and on the 24th of August 1999, and our little Chelsea died and it was so much pain - leaving the hospital without her.

People often ask why we do this... It has to do with healing our own wound. Then and there we vowed to always help others who are suffering in and from the human condition.

We're happy to share abundance with you, your family pets & God by using the universal principles of spirituality & physics instead of biology and chemistry, one can achieve remarkable results by an oscillation of sound. Imagine an opera singer shattering a glass.

We offer tools for leading a joyous and peaceful life. Light, sound, magnetic, electrical, mineral & spiritual. Wherever you may be on your personal journey, at Chelsea's Place you will find a supportive family with a wealth of ideas for your personal abundance. Friends, strangers, any and all visitors are welcome to enjoy a relaxed and peaceful environment while experimenting with the frequencies made famous by Royal Raymond Rife in the 30's.

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